Are you looking forward to this week’s gig?

I’ve never played the WCC but gather the ethos is about sweet comedy fun. Tony Law’s there, too – he’s Canadian and amazing. 

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

My friend once threw her shoe at a fox to scare it away on a night out but the fox took the shoe and ran off, never to return. It was funny in a pure, philosophical way. Like a metaphor for the enduring strength of Mother Gaia.

Who inspired you to take to the stage?

My grandfather, who used to send me hundreds of comedy videos and insist I watch them, like homework. We’d spend hours quoting that old Harry Enfield sketch ‘English for Aliens’ running around  yelling “tree!” I think the rest of our family hated us.

Where was your first show?

At Leeds uni as a student. I drank far too much to calm my crippling nerves. Unfortunately it worked and it was the best of gig of my entire ‘career’. It’s all been downhill since.

Waterloo Comedy Club. May 2. £15  
The Horse Bar, SE1 7XG  Waterloo