What’s the show about?

It’s about everything you never knew about tea, with jokes. 

What is it about tea that makes it so appealing to the Brits?

In a crisis, tea is always there forus. Tea is to Britain what Batman was to Gotham City.

What’s the strangest thing you found out about tea?

The Chinese were drinking tea 1000 years before they’d heard of the wheel!

What are coffee drinkers most missing out on?

Probably sleep. 

Who inspired you to take to the stage?

I saw Richard Pryor on video when I was 16. It was such a contrast to the comedians I’d seen before, so natural. Although that was filmed 30 years ago, it’s still as funny as ever. 

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen this week?

My son watches too much TV. I asked: “What’s your favourite animal?” He said: “A moonpig.com.”

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