What’s this week’s show about?

Milk, handbags, honeybee sex and, if there is time, meeting Phillip Schofield. 

Where was your first show?

I’ve no memory of it. I was too terrified and possibly drunk. The first I do remember, though, was an arts centre in Slough, performing to six comics and a bored barman.

What’s your strangest on-stage moment?

Being heckled in Slovakia – I thought they weren’t laughing because of the language barrier, then someone heckled with one of my punchlines. It turned out that he’d watched my YouTube clip.

Who inspired you to pick up a mic and take to the stage?

No-one really, I accidently got into stand-up trying to stay out of the house and away from my girlfriend at the time. 

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

Animals on YouTube or the Fox and Duck comedy night. 

The Fox and Duck Comedy Night. Sep 6. Free
194 Petersham Road, TW10 7AD 
Tube | Richmond