What’s the show about?

It’s more of a one-hour stand-up comedy special than a “show”. OK, it’s “about” being Chinese-Malaysian, the internet and dating. And I want to state for the record that you can make anything sound boring in a one sentence blurb. 

How did you come to play Mr Meowgi in Sam Simmons’ Problems?

I’ve known Sam since late 2009. He asked me to be part of his new TV show, then a week later asked me to dress up in full body lycra and be his spiritual guide cat. 

You’ve just done the Edinburgh Fringe, how was it?

Taking a chance on shows by people you’ve never heard of and then being pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy something. And in Edinburgh, as the city is so ancient, every building looks like a mini castle. 

What’s next?

Heading back to Australia to do the Sydney Fringe Festival, then I’m going to be taping my first one-hour comedy special to release on DVD. 

The Ron Way. Aug 28-Sep 7. £15  
Soho Theatre, W1D 3NE  
Tube | Tottenham Court Road