What’s the show about?

The fear of failure and the importance of trying anyway. I talk about my OCD, fear of the opposite sex, social anxiety … I also tell jokes. I feel like I’ve made it sound really serious. I also have a parachute stories joke.

Who inspired you to take to the stage?

My former housemate – he entered an Australia-wide comedy competition back home and I wentto support him. When one contestant didn’t show up I took their spot – I’d had a bit to drink. I did my first gig that night and was hooked.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

A YouTube clip of anold lady hitting the front of a Porsche with her handbag after a guy beeped her for not crossing the road fast enough, causing his airbag to go off. 

How have you found audiences in the UK?

Other comedians back home said they were great and switched on and that’s been my experience, too. I haven’t tried stage diving yet to see if they’ll catch me but I might try it on the last night.

My Soul Mate Is Out Of My League.
Until Aug 17. £15  Soho Theatre, W1D 3NE 
Tube | Tott Court Road