Google’s users have uncovered a hidden ‘Easter egg’ that gradually showers your browser window with icy snow until it can barely be seen – users get the option of adding virtual de-icer by clicking a ‘defrost’ button if it’s left for too long.

It’s also possible to write your own message of Christmas love, goodwill to all men, or random swear words on your own foggy virtual window.

Christmas fun with a virtual snowy window

The amusing double entendre #letitsnow is being passed around Twitter, with delighted users as excited as kids on Christmas Eve.

RosannaTillott said: ‘Google #letitsnow is awesome – I’ve even written a little message for Father Christmas…’

Sbedrick said ‘Have you seen Google’s latest Easter egg? At least you won’t have to shovel it #LetItSnow’

DeborahParker said ‘Very cute – type ‘Let it snow’ into Google and it does, all over your screen… bless them #Letitsnow’