Google is facing fresh calls to do more to combat online piracy, led by culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt is due to make a speech tomorrow in which he will put pressure on the ubiquitous internet giant to block filesharing websites that flout copyright laws.

It is reported that Hunt will tell the Royal Television Society conference in Cambridge: "We intend to take measures to make it more and more difficult to access sites that deliberately facilitate infringement, misleading consumers and depriving creators of a fair reward for their creativity."

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The government is focusing on Google because it is a portal to the web for nine out of 10 UK search engine users.

Hunt will also insist: "We do not allow certain products to be sold in the shops on the high street, nor do we allow shops to be set up purely to sell counterfeited products. Neither should we tolerate it online."

It is thought that ministers want to speed up the legal process so that websites can be ruled unlawful within weeks.

There is also talk that the government will crack down on illegal online filesharing with the forthcoming communications bill.