BP petrol stations across London have been shut down by Greenpeace activists, who put up signs saying: “Closed. Moving beyond petroleum”.

Greenpeace claim they have closed every BP filling station in London, although BP claims that only 20 have been shut down.

According to BP, Greenpeace activists stopped the flow of fuel by flipping safety switches on forecourts and removing them to prevent the petrol stations reopening.

A BP spokesman said the fuel stations would be reopened as soon as was safe.

Greenpeace said its stunt is to encourage BP to adopt greener energy policies.

“Today we’re shutting down BP stations all over London to give them a chance to ditch the spin and actually move ‘beyond petroleum’,” said a statement on their website.

The Greenpeace protest hopes to sway Bob Dudley, who will take over from beleaguered BP boss Tony Hayward, to move away from “his predecessor’s obsession with high-risk, environmentally-reckless sources of oil”.

Activists have replaced BP’s logo at several stations with a new version showing the green sunflower disappearing into a sea of oil. 

BP has described the Greenpeace stunt as “an irresponsible and childish act which is interfering with safety systems.”

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