A woman who stalked Rio Ferdinand walked out of court and went missing before she could be sentenced yesterday. As she left the court, Susanne Ibru told Ferdinand, “See you later!”

Susanne Ibru, 38, was convicted of harassing premiere football player Rio Ferdinand, 32, in a stalking campaign that began in February last year.

According to Ferdinand, who was in court to give evidence against his stalker, Ibru turned up at his house in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, three times between February and June last year.

Footballer Ferdinand claims that stalker Ibru made his and his wife’s life’s hell by repeatedly trying to contact him.

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On two occasions Ibru pressed the intercom while Ferdinand was asleep with his wife, Rebecca, claiming that she urgently needed to speak to him.

Another time, as Ferdinand drove up to his house he spotted her standing on the road opposite.

“I was alarmed. The safety of my family is huge to me, as it is for anyone,” he said.

“At first I was angry and upset but then disturbed, really, because I have got a young family and this was not the time or the place to be coming to speak to me.”

Ibru warned twice by police about her behaviour and arrested after the third visit.

However, Ibru, who conducted her own defence at Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court, denies charges of harassment. She had claimed they first met at the home of one of Ferdinand’s relatives in 1998.

According to Ibru, she went to Ferdinand’s house because she was “experiencing difficulties”.

She said: “I needed to speak to you about that. I just wanted to talk to you.”

After being cross-examined by Ferdinand in court, Ibru left the building, telling him, “Bye, See you later!”

Ibru did not return and was found guilty in her absence.

Rio’s wife, Rebecca, has backed her husband’s claims that his stalker was unknown to him.

“I feel harassed. Everything she has said about a relationship with Rio is all lies,” she said.