Raoul Moat, the ex-bouncer who last year went on a shooting spree that killed his ex-girlfriend's new lover and blinded a policeman, recorded his thoughts on a dictaphone while on the run, it has emerged.

An inquest into the case has revealed that Moat boasted about blinding PC Rathband on his tape recorder .

"I didn't think I killed him anyway," Moat can be heard saying. "I was going to go and finish him off, but that's not the point. He got two shots, that's enough. At the end of the day he's going to look a bit of a mess."

Raoul Moat inquest: phone call played to jurors

Policeman blinded by Raoul Moat arrested for assault

The nation was gripped as Moat remained at large for days and vowed to kill as many policemen as he could.

The drama began when Moat shot and killed karate instructor Chris Brown, who was in a relationship with Moat's ex-girlfriend Sam Stobbart.

While on the run, Moat hid out in a tent in the countryside near Rothbury, Northumberland. He taunted police in the tapes, claiming to have walked openly around Rothbury and gone undetected. "I was literally right under your noses and you haven't got one bobby on the beat," he said.

He also showed no remorse for the killing of Chris Brown: "I've got no qualms, he deserved it."

The inquest revealed that Moat had also threatened to kill innocent members of the public if he read lies about himself in the press.

Moat killed himself during a stand-off with police.