Olympic swimming champion Grant Hackett says he would like to enter politics and one day become a Cabinet minister in federal Parliament.

He told News Ltd he would initially pursue a career in finance and then move into politics after retiring from the pool.

Hackett, 28, said he was interested in economics, mental health and sports, but would strengthen his experience in the finance sector for at least 10 years before seeking to enter parliament.

“Certainly, I don’t have any qualms about saying I’d love to get into the top echelon of politics because it gives you the opportunity to contribute at the highest level and have the greatest impact,” Hackett told News Ltd.

“I’m a very passionate person and I’m ambitious.

“Being a minister – of course I’d love an opportunity to do something like that and have the ability and talent and skills to be able to contribute at that level. It’s a long-term thing.”

Both Labor and Liberal MPs have expressed an interest in having Hackett as a candidate, but the Melbourne-based swimmer has not yet decided which party he will join, News Ltd said.

Hackett has accepted a job at Westpac, working in private banking, which he intends to start in the next few months.

He’s adamant he will not be another celebrity candidate and wants to build his skills and knowledge before putting his hand up to serve the Australian people.

Hackett said he was still considering whether to swim for one or two more seasons.