She will be joining his girlfriend Kit Natariga as they await any news.

Mr Huntley, 34, was on a sabbatical from his accounting job in London, volunteering at a turtle sanctuary on the island. He went missing on a trek to visit a waterfall in the jungle.

The British consulate is working with local Malaysian authorities to track him down. Patrol boats, paramilitary commandos and sniffer dogs are currently out in force.

The Foreign Office says five helicopters will be deployed to the area, intensifying the search.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Southwell explained that she wanted to see the area for herself.

“I want to get a feel for where he’s lost, where he’s missing,” she said. “I just want to be here when they find him.”

A Facebook page, Find Gareth Huntley, has been set up to provide updates.

Image credit: Facebook