It was originally built with the intention of turning it into a four-storey hotel, but numerous obstacles including a steep increase in fuel prices means construction has ground to a halt.

The current owner, Brad Fisher, says; “Basically the windows in that place are too small. They weren’t put in according to the blue prints, I don’t know why. So we came up with a design to bring it up to code. We had a lot of plans but unfortunately we just ran out of money to (follow through). When the price of fuel went up it just became unrealistic.”

Based 180 miles north of Anchorage along the George Parks Highway, it’s on the way to the Interior Alaska city of Fairbanks reports

Local resident Mike White says “Everybody pretty much thinks, number one, that it’s cool, and, number two, it’s interesting because it’s the only thing around for a ways.”

Fisher is open to listen to anyone interested in making an offer on Ithe igloo as long as they’re willing to do the work necessary to renovate it into a working hotel.

“We’re just open to any suggestions at this time,” he said. “I’d love to one day see it in operation.””I’d really like to see someone go forward with it. The fact is it’s too good to tear down and I keep hoping, at some point, to put it to use.”  

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