A fortnight after their collision in Belgium, Hamilton had started on pole but a bad start and some problems with his car saw him drop to fourth.

He soon recovered and by lap 10 he had whizzed past Kevin Magnussen and Felipe Massa and the battle for first was on.

And it was Rosberg who cracked – he twice ran wide, the second time gifting Hamilton the lead.

“I came here with a positive attitude, just hoping for no 
issues. I guess the cool thing is I had 
another serious one and I managed to pull through it,” Hamilton said.

“Naturally, I’m really pleased with the win; it feels like I have some momentum back as we go into the final races.”

Next up is Singapore. The British driver still has plenty of work to do to erode the 22-point championship lead Rosberg has over him but the Monza win could prove to be a turning point.

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