Q. I need to claim a refund on emergency tax paid while I’ve been in the UK. Can you give me some advice about how to go about this.

A. Emergency tax is usually given to people who come into the UK midway through a tax year. When the company is uncertain of what the earnings will be, they generally use an emergency tax code as it is better to over pay tax rather than underpay.

Claiming a tax rebate/refund can be as simple as contacting the HMRC, as long as they are not doing a system upgrade and haven’t coded people incorrectly or paid out incorrectly, which they have done recently. The tax office has recently gone through huge delays and errors which has caused delays for clients.

We suggest usiing a tax agent, specifically one registered with the Association of Tax Agents, like 1st Contact. We offer a no-fee, no- refund policy. If you want to try yourself, you will need an original P60 or P45, as well as provide a record of any benefits received. You’ll need to complete a tax rebate form and submit all that to the Inland Revenue.

For more, see 1stcontact.com

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