Fans of the band spotted that Harry had ‘favourited’ a risque tweet on Sunday night, which he’s since un-favourited.

The tweet had come from @itzfuckingjess and featured a pair of damp-looking fingers, with the caption ‘Retweet if you’d lick me clean’.

His actions got his fans all hot and bothered, and pretty soon #HarryDontLickAnything was trending across Twitter. Maybe they’re concerned for his health – the fingers in question did appear a bit grubby.

Jess has had a lot of attention from 1D fans since her tweet was noticed, and she’s made a personal appeal to Harry to clean her up, as it were. Don’t go on her Twitter page if you’re at work.

It’s not known whether Harry favourited the tweet on purpose or if he’s been pranked – but we think this has Niall written all over it…

Image credit: Getty