Earlier this morning Margaret Thatcher passed away, and a viral twitter tag seemed to convince some people that it was in fact singer Cher who had died, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

The tag #nowthatchersdead understandably may have confused users, but the distress from upset fans has made the story a worldwide frenzy.

Comedian Ricky Gervais attempted to set the record straight, writing:

“It’s ‘Now Thatcher’s dead’.

“Not, ‘Now that Cher’s dead”‘.

This wasn’t the only blunder in relation to the Baronesses death, another tweet from BBC stated she died of a ‘strike’ instead of a stroke.

In response to the mistake a BBC spokesperson said: “This was an error which was quickly corrected.” The ‘i’ and ‘o’ are located next to each other on the keyboard, making ‘strike’ and ‘stroke’ a relatively easy mistake to make.”

I bet the BBC wish they could “turn back time”.

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