The proposed water flow ditch was originally not going to interfere with Marinaccio’s home, but it has now become a million dollar miscalculation.

“This newly created wetland caused mosquitoes to breed and frogs to gather on plaintiff’s property, about which plaintiff is particularly phobic,” reports The Huffington Post.

“Consequently, plaintiff had problems traversing his property without the assistance of his family and friends, whom plaintiff would often call on to remove frogs from his driveway and near the door of his home.”

Last month he was awarded $1.6 million in compensation.

Marianaccio claimed he was a prisoner in his own home, due to having a permanent phobia after childhood dilemmas in Italy.

“I am petrified. I go home at night and I can’t get in my garage because of the frogs,” Marinaccio testified in 2009.

I guess he won’t be kissing them to find a princess anytime soon…

Image: Thinkstock