The disturbing report was made by Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, who claimed that the two teenagers were ‘heavily intoxicated’ at the time of the attack and killed the vagrant because they “didn’t like the look of him.”

The pair allegedly used an axe, a saw and a knife to kill the man before one of the youths apparently cut off the vagrant’s head and scalped it. Pravda then claims the two teenagers kicked the man’s scalp-less head around the street for a bit.

After growing weary of their macabre version of the world game, the kids dumped the man’s head in a bin and went home to sleep, leaving the headless corpse in the middle of the street where it was found by someone who immediately alerted the police.

Police reportedly tracked the boys back to their apartment using a trail of blood they had left on the road. When the police entered the apartment a bloody axe and clothes were found and the teenagers were detained.

Moscow Investigative Committee officials have released a statement on the crime confirming that two teenagers had been arrested on suspicion of scalping and murder, but casted doubt on whether or not they actually played football with the victim’s head. claims that a “full picture of the incident” has yet to be established.

Identification of the dead man has been hampered by the fact that his head has apparently been taken to a dump or recycled by Moscow’s hard-working garbage men.

If the two teenagers are convicted of the homeless man’s murder they are likely to face a maximum sentence of no-more than 15 years in prison, which isn’t much if you think about it.

Image: Getty