The good news is there are a few ways you can stop the weight gain and keep fit and healthy.

Cut down on alcohol

Increase in alcohol consumption is one of the main reasons for weight gain in London, so go easy on those Snakebites.

A drink or two after work is fine, but after six pints every night for a month (remember, they’re a good deal bigger than your average schooner), don’t be surprised if you need to dig another notch in your belt.

All alcoholic beverages contain calories:


  • Glass of wine – 100-150 calories
  • Pint of Guinness – 170 calories
  • Pint of premium lager – 350 calories


Plus alcohol has an aperitif effect which stimulates your appetite and makes it harder to say no

Watch what you eat

  • Frozen dinners: They might be convenient but are expensive and don’t contain many vegetables. If you have to have them, make some extra vegetables or salad. 
  • Takeaways: Try to avoid them on a regular basis but they don’t have to be unhealthy. For example, opt for boiled rice, not fried, or if going for Indian, opt for a tomato-based sauce (or no sauce at all) rather than a creamy one.
  • Home-cooking: Cooking your own meal doesn’t necessarily mean it will be lower in calories, fat or salt but it does mean that you can control what, and how much, certain ingredients go in, and the serving size. 
  • Snacking: Instead of snacking on crisps and chocolate try fruit or nuts. Buying a small bag of apples on Monday and making yourself finish them by end of the week is a great way of getting in the swing of things.
  • Learn to cook three or four healthy meals. 
  • Limit your portion sizes at meal times.

Exercise regularly

You don’t need to join a sports team or a gym to lose weight or stay healthy.

  • Take up running
  • Commute by bike
  • Do sit-ups and push-ups at home
  • Get off the tube or bus a few stops early