Here are a few helpful pointers on how to stretch those legs, trim that tum, bulk those biceps and reforge that six-pack.


Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans have set the world standard in netball so it comes as no surprise the London netball leagues are full of us.


Don the whites and spend a day smacking leather on willow. A fitting code to get stuck into while in Old Blighty. Like most sports we play, the Poms came up with it, shipped it off to the colonies, and now we more or less give them a good thumping at their own game. For a quick and exciting version that lasts about two hours join a Last Man Stands cricket league.


The Afro-Brazilian blend of martial arts, sport and dance can be spotted on grassy knolls at most summer festivals. For those wanting to give it a go, a number of Latin American Capoeira clubs and groups offer classes all over London.

Touch rugby

This non-contact code emphasises speed, agility and quick ball-handling skills, and all you need is a half-decent pair of trainers to get started. Leagues, such as In2Touch and London Touch Rugby offer men’s, women’s and mixed competitions, midweek touch is a favourite for those looking for an after-work blow-out, followed by a pint or two.


Come Wimbledon fortnight, half the city will be running amok in London’s parks, dressed in white with racket in hand. Now’s the time to up your game (and learn how to score). Find local courts on your council’s website or check out London Tennis, which has information on classes and leagues.

Aussie Rules

For all you AFL nuts pining for the smooth touch of a Sherrin, the West London Wildcats is the one-stop shop for all your football needs.