The 40-year-old, unnamed man from the city of Syktyvkar in the country’s north-west allegedly stole 81, heavily re-inforced concrete slabs of road that ran from the town of Parcheg to the Vychegda River.

Police apparently uncovered the man’s plan when they pulled over a three truck convoy carrying the stolen slabs and a bunch of heavy duty earth-moving equipment, including a bulldozzer and a forklift.

According to the NBC the Russian interior ministry valued the slabs of road at over 200,000 rubles (which equates to about $7000). Doesn’t seem like a lot of money, particularly when you consider they’re threatening to imprison the man for over two years. 

It isn’t particularly clear as yet just why the man decided to steal all these concrete slabs of road or, indeed, how he came by three trucks and all the expensive heavy equipment needed to pull it all up in the first place.

Russian’s are just plain weird, I guess.

Image: Getty