MPs are to discuss the release of secret cabinet papers on the Hillsborough disaster next month.

Over 138,000 people signed a web petition to see the minutes of Margaret Thatcher’s discussions about the disaster, which saw 96 Liverpool football fans crushed to death in 1989.

For a Commons debate to be had, there must be over 100,000 names on a Government’s e-petitions website entry.

The e-petitions website was launched this summer.

Hillsborough files: Petition means MPs may debate

Hillsborough disaster remembered around the world

Commons leader Sir George Young said: “This shows that the new e-petition process is working.”

It was announced yesterday that the discussion will go ahead on October 17.

If the documents are released, they will go to the Hillsborough Independent Panel first, which set up in 2009 by the government to “oversee the maximum possible public disclosure of governmental and other agency documentation relating to the Hillsborough tragedy and its aftermath".

However petitioners are demanding that the information is not filtered before it reaches the public.

Another e-petition of over 244,000 signatures means that MPs will debate removing benefits from people who took part in recent riots on 13 October.