Mopeds can be ridden in most climates, and they offer the freedom to zip around cities and explore the local area, or hop around a coastal resort. They can be cheap and easy to hire depending on location, and many countries only require you to have a driving license, although restrictions vary. Click here to see individual country requirements, and check your insurance to ensure you’re covered.

Biking experts Bennetts have put together a list of the best places for moped travel worldwide and what to expect in each country, whether you’re hiring a bike for a bit, or planning a longer tour.


Rather than inter-railing, scooting across Europe offers experiences you just can’t get in a railway carriage. Inside the EU, you will need an AM license but outside, rules vary. It is possible to travel overland on a scooter but do find out about individual border information. For longer term travel, shipping your own bike is possible but pricey.

South of France:

Whether you’re traversing the lavender fields of Provence or embarking on a self-led tour of the French Riviera, there’s plenty to see on a moped holiday in the South of France. Extend your journey south to Corsica, and there are almost as many mountains as there are secluded beaches to have fun exploring.

Licence requirements: For small (50cc) scooters, licence requirements vary between rental dealerships so it’s just a case of doing your homework. If you are over 18 some companies will allow rental without a driver’s licence; others only require one if you were born after 1988; some insist on a car driving licence for all rentals.

Daily cost: Prices are around € 25 per day, or 150 for a week.

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Because of high rates of injury among holiday makers – one of the highest in the EU – government crackdowns have made it more difficult to hire a scooter in Greece, with a separate motorcycle license now required by the law. However, for those that do have a motorcycle licence, you can head to the idyllic Greek islands. Kefalonia’s West Coast from Argostoli boasts glorious views of the Lixoúri Peninsula, Mýrtos beach and picturesque Ássos.

Licence requirements: Scooters can be driven with an EU category AM licence which is valid for vehicles that have a driving speed of no more than 45 Km/h and an engine capacity of no more than 50cc. A scooter licence is obtained by taking a theoretical and practical test at a police station, and paying for the licence. Drivers must be at least 16 years old.

Daily cost: Approx. € 15 per day


Many tourist resorts offer scooter hire during the summer season, but roads in Turkey can be dangerous as speed limits can be fairly arbitrary in some areas. Turkey covers an area of over 81,000, encompassing high mountain ranges and over 8000km of coastline, so there’s plenty of scenery to explore. If you have time, we suggest taking the Istanbul and Aegean Coast, taking in Ionia, Caria and Lycia. It’s a beautiful route but would take around a week, stopping off at hostels along the way.

Licence requirements: To rent a scooter over 50 cc in Turkey you are supposed to have a full motorbike licence. You are also supposed to be over 21.

Daily cost: Approx. £6-£8

Further afield:

South East Asia is a backpacking hot spot, with hundreds of thousands flocking to see the unspoilt beaches, mountains and vibrant cities. The recent Top Gear specials visiting Burma and Vietnam have only increased interest in the area, with a surge in interest around touring holidays in the region. Elsewhere, Australia, Canada and the USA offer touring trips without the immediate culture shock!


Goa, India’s smallest but most prosperous state is a firm holiday favourite. Its idyllic 130km coastline make it an obvious road-trip choice, however it is a bit of a party town and accident rates are high amongst backpackers. An international driving license is not always seen as a necessity for hire, although if you are stopped by an official, you will almost certainly need one!

Licence requirements: An International Driving Licence is not always required for hire, but is needed.

Daily cost: Approx. £6-£8


You can pick up a moped in Thailand without any license at all, but to stay on the right side of the law, it’s sensible to have one. One popular route in which to explore is from Chang Mai through the Mae Hong Son Loop. In Thailand, many rental shops are independent and therefore do not run multiple shops in different regions, often restricting travel through multiple regions. Many however offer pick up and drop off to these two regions. Waterfalls, lakes and mountains await along the riding loop! It’s important to note, that accident numbers from motorcycle accidents are high, so it isn’t the best country in which to learn.

Licence requirements: An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required for hire.

Daily cost: Approx. £3-£4


There’s less of a traveller moped scene in the big country where cars reign supreme– many stops between cities are overnight bus trips, rather than half day pootles – although that’s not to say it can’t be done. But in big towns and cities, scooters can be hired and will help you nip around on a city break, and get help you get off the tourist trail. That being said, a scooter can be great for negotiating the hills of San Francisco or zipping around Los Angeles.

Licence requirements: An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required for hire. 

Daily cost: Approx. £3-£4

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