While it is no secret that cruises are an increasingly popular holiday choice, new research by Bonvoyage.co.uk reveals that some British travellers are put off cruises due to worries about various sea-faring myths and legends.

The research also investigated which cruise destinations are perceived as the ‘most cursed’.

When asked why they’d never taken a cruise, most people responded by saying they were scared of the ocean – however, a few people had far greater worries on their minds. Here are five of the best.

Pirate Invasion: One man spoke of his fear of a pirate invasion while holidaying on a cruise ship. He explained that his childhood fears of Blackbeard, Captain Morgan and even Jack Sparrow had put him off cruises for life.

Mermaid Fear: A young women revealed that her fear of mermaids and other sea creatures was a deal-breaker for her when it came to any kind of ocean exploration, even while on European beach holidays.

Possessed ship: A woman told of her worries that any ship she or her husband travelled on would ultimately become possessed after years of suffering through hurricanes and tropical storms whenever they took a boat trip together.

Ghosts of former passengers: One respondent revealed how his son’s fear of ghosts stopped the entire family going on a cruise holiday. After accidentally watching a film with an inappropriate age rating, the young child feared ghosts of former passengers haunting the ship.

The Levathian: One religious male respondent spoke of his fear of the biblical sea-creature, the Levathian. Just the thought of the giant monstrous fish from the Old Testament caused the man so much distress he was unable to even think about taking a cruise.

Image credit: YouTube