For those of you that weren’t repulsed by the Christmas Tinner story we ran a few days ago, let’s up the ante – you can now get a fry up in liquid form.

Breakfast mavericks (and possible nutjobs) FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS is trialing the world’s first ‘Liquid Fry-up’ as part of its ‘innovative’ liquid breakfast range. Describing it as the ‘ultimate in convenience foods’, they have cleverly packed all of the traditional English breakfast goodies into a carton so people can enjoy the sizzle of a fry-up on the go, without the annoyances of a plate, heat, and sitting down.

The foul drink took six months to perfect, and over 500 fry-ups were tasted in order to get the flavour combination spot on. The food scientists developing the drink chomped their way through 100 packs of bacon, 46 tins of baked beans, 459 fried eggs and 88 packets of sausages before finally arriving at the perfect recipe.

Unbelievably, FUEL have found someone to try their vile concoction. Josh Jones, a graphic designer from London, commented: “I have to admit, I was pretty dubious when the guys from FUEL first asked me to try their liquid fry-up. I had a big gulp and was really surprised at how great it tasted. Smoked bacon, sweetness from grilled tomatoes and a lingering nutty flavour from the toast; all of which left me feeling like I had just tucked into a big fry-up.”

We think you might be on your own there, Josh…