Holding The Man – TNT theatre review

Based on the posthumously published best-selling 1995 memoir of Aussie actor and activist Tim Conigrave, the ending of Tommy Murphy’s quirky stage version is already a given.

Tim’s journey from adolescent fumblings in the 70’s, through to the final devastation of AIDS, takes in career aspirations and casual encounters along the way.

It’s slickly told and ultimately affecting, with four actors (including Tim’s real life school friend, Kath and Kim’s Jane Turner) swapping niftily between a host of subsidiary roles, and Guy Edmonds (a flamboyant Tim) and Matt Zeremes (his more reserved partner John) convincingly reprising the roles they created in the 2006 Sydney premiere.

The topic is far from groundbreaking, but this personal story proves both crudely comic and heart-wrenchingly tragic in its honest depiction of an enduring gay love.



Trafalgar Studios 1, Whitehall, SW1A 2DY (Charing Cross tube)
0844 871 7632 
Till 3rd July
£26 – £44

Louise Kingsley