There are a number of reasons why people are constantly setting up their own blogs: not only is it a great way to reach out and communicate with like-minded people across the world, but it offers an opportunity to make serious money if used well. However, with so many blogs out there you have to make sure that yours can stand up to the competition. By following these six simple rules you can be sure to make the most out of your blogging, increasing your readership and in turn increasing the financial gains it can offer you.

Make Sure It’s Optimised

SEO is so important when it comes to any online platform, that you cannot ignore it. Making sure your blog ranks highly for key search words will help to raise its profile and readership. If you aren’t a natural tech whizz, simply use an easy online checker that can scan your site and report on its performance. This will include checking your site’s presentation, how it’s accessed via search engines, the security and also how fast it loads.  

Social Sharing Buttons

Social media is the best way for people to share articles and find out about new blogs, and that’s why it’s so important you allow people to easily connect to these platforms from your blog. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, including a widget on your site that enables one-click posting could massively increase your social reach and exposure.

Always Double-Check

You’d be surprised how many people thrash out an article on their computer and automatically post it without carefully rereading. Spelling and grammar mistakes are an instant sign of a blog that is unprofessional and sloppy. Double-check every post to make sure that not only is it free from errors but that it is well-crafted, authoritative and useful to readers.

Be Responsive

Blogging is by nature interactive and social. If people reply to your posts, you should answer quickly and in an enthusiastic and informative manner. Reach out to other bloggers over social media to make horizontal connections and ask your readers questions: for instance, what kind of content they would like to see more of and whether they have used any of your advice and what the result was. This can help to shape the kind of articles you write in the future. 

Use Images and Video

It is estimated that blog articles with images get 94% more views than those without. Using pictures and videos can not only communicate a message instantly, but it breaks up your content into more manageable chunks, making it easier for people to browse over. Whether it’s an infographic to help explain a point or a GIF for comedy effect, adding a visual element will instantly