The results of a new study conducted in the UK have revealed that good health, financial security and at least one holiday each year are the most crucial elements for Britons to feel that they are enjoying a full and happy life. 


Furthermore, when questioned, more than three quarters of those polled said that they would give up the use of their mobile phones for a year in exchange for £1million, while just 23% would give up sex.


In a bid to further understand how Britons determine their levels of happiness and fulfilment, a group of researchers at a UK licenced lottery website has set about trying to find the most important elements needed to live a contented life.


The team at polled a total of 2,198 UK adults aged 18 and above for the purpose of study. There was an even number of male and female participants, as well as a varied range of age groups in order to generate as valid a set of results as possible.


Respondents were initially given a list of 10 life situations and scenarios and asked to rank them from the most to least important in terms of those which would give them the happiest and most rewarding life.  The results, taking into account all participants answers (with 1 being the most important on the rankings scale), were revealed as follows:


1.      Good health

2.      Financial security

3.      An annual holiday abroad

4.      Finding love

5.      Becoming a parent

6.      A busy and active social life

7.      More free time

8.      A fulfilling job/career

9.      Owning own home

10.  Savings in the bank


Next, in order to discover how important money was compared to other aspects of Britons’ lives, participants were given another list of scenarios, and were then asked to choose those which they would partake in if they were guaranteed to be given £1 million afterwards. Findings emerged as follows:


–          I would give up the use of my mobile phone for a year – 76%

–          I would stop drinking alcohol for a year – 62%

–          I would stop watching TV for a year – 37%

–          I would stop seeing friends/family members for a year – 28%

–          I would give up sex for a year – 23%


Of those who admitted that they would give up sex for a year, the majority (57%) were not in a relationship.