Tiffany Evans was about to take her children to school when her samoyed Harry brought the explosive to the door of her home.

Mrs Evans first thought was that Harry had merely bought a stick or something inside, but a closer look at the dun brown item quickly changed her mind.

“Harry came running to the back door with what I assumed was a stick in his mouth. He stopped and gave it to me and I thought: ‘It looks like a stick of dynamite,” she said.

She put the item aside, before taking her kids to school before returning home to investigate.

After emailing photos to friends and searching the internet, Mrs Evans was sure Harry had brought home either dynamite or gelignite.

Evans stayed in the house, inches away from the object the whole time before she finally called the police.

“The officers asked that no one go within 10m of it,” Mrs Evans said.

After a tense wait the explosive was revealed to be a large fire cracker.

Mrs Evans however refused to cast any dispersions on her little furry friend.

“He’s a beautiful little puppy. I’m not changing his name to Boom Boom or anything.”

Good, because Boom Boom is a stupid name for a dog. Now I think about it, so is Harry.

Image: Daily Telegraph