Perhaps it’s because it feels like the physical manifestation of a ‘protective bubble’. The soft lighting, incense and 38°C heat certainly help. I can understand why Hotpod Yoga usually offers its portable studio to offices, as this seems the perfect antidote to a stressed-out day behind a desk. 

I checked it out for a public pop-up session and have been bugging TNT towers to hire it ever since. Having done hatha yoga a few times, I recognised most of the moves, although due to the constantly flowing nature of the routine, I found it a little hard to keep up at times. I also struggled with the heat (although it’s cooler than Bikram), with slight dizziness making balancing tricky.

However, it made me way more flexible than usual – I can barely touch my knees at the best of times, but I felt much more comfortable in the pod, even when I had my knees either side of my ears. Surely that’s a better way to get to know your work colleagues than gossiping by the water cooler? Public pop-ups Saturdays at 10am and 3pm, until July 27, £10. 

Paddington Arts Dance Studio, Notting Hill, W9 2BE & Jubilee Primary School, Brixton, SW2 2JE  
Tube |Westbourne Park (Notting Hill)  Herne Hill (Brixton)