Don’t Pick a Traditional Crib

Cribs are pretty big, even small ones, so I tried to figure out a comfy alternative, and I found one:  a hanging crib. In fact, it looks more like a hanging box, but parents have been using these for babies for ages and they turned out just fine. So, I got a hanging cradle, which I then positioned to hang just next to my bed.

Rely on a White Noise Machine

If you are going to raise a baby in one room, you definitely need to get a white noise machine. It will be incredibly helpful if you want to get anything done in your one-bedroom flat while the baby is sleeping. There are a variety of different white noise machines available, just read a few reviews and buying guides to determine the best model for your situation.

The Changing Table Issue

If you live in a small flat you can kiss goodbye the changing table. Instead, get a dresser and pack it with everything you need, then install a fold-down changing table above it. This way, you will save space and have everything handy when you are changing diapers. Use large shower caddies to store the things you need during the diaper changing process and hang them above the dresser, near the foldable changing table.

Use Trolleys and Vertical Holders

I chose to use trolleys instead of drawers for storing all the changing items. I have two trolleys, which I can move around as needed, as well as a vertical fruit holder, where I store baby items, such as pacifiers and lotions.

Smart Strollers

Another hack I rely on is using the stroller as a baby crib. I have a versatile stroller, which was a bit expensive, but it can be used as a crib, swing, car seat and stroller. This level of versatility will make your life easier and will enable you to be around the baby at any time, even when you are in the kitchen, for example.