Across the aisle, late night aficionadi nod approvingly at a particularly well-executed turn on the aerial hoop whilst bemused first-timers try to work out what’s happening with the lithe male dancers in the horse costumes. Welcome to late night cabaret.

Miss Polly Rae’s Between the Sheets at the Underbelly is a well put together 90 minutes of entertainment with some good standalone acts, particularly the fire-eating denouement which took place in a gigantic martini glass. The aerial performances were also slick and well done but across the evening I left wanting an extra couple of doses of drama and excitement.

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credit: Jason Moon

The contemporary dance from Tom Cunningham and Myles Brown was skillfully done and comedy from the talented Lilly Snatchdragon had some high notes, but overall I was hoping for some real fireworks. Eponymous host and chanteuse Miss Polly Rae had a lot to pull together and whilst it was an enjoyable show I’d have liked a few more spectacular set pieces.

Need to know:

Miss Polly Rae: Between the Sheets

Underbelly Festival

’til 29th September 2017

from £22.50