The following tips will help you in this direction:

You can prepare Business Cards by following the tips offered by experts. The card should be as simple as possible. There are standard, square, circle, slim, leaf, and oval shaped cards.

You should prepare a distinguishable business card so that the intended purpose will be served efficiently. The essential details should be printed on the card and be clearly legible once you choose the right size as per the font size.

The available blank space on the card should be used intelligently. You should utilise the opportunity to express your personality and identity.

Great means of promotion

Business cards are great means of promotion of yourself or your business. As people remember you and your business, they will remember your visiting card as well.  You can deliver a professional design by choosing the right kind of corners. The number of colours on the card can be limited to three and they should match your brand.

Things to be avoided

  • You should not go for cards made with cheap material

  • Text should not be placed over images,

  • Shading and italics should be avoided to deliver a professional appearance,

  • Contact information should be legible,

  • Avoid lamination so that users will mark cards as per their needs.

Preparation of visiting cards

There are different types of papers such as a glossy, matt, or Trifecta. If you would like to go for the premium stock, you should choose Trifecta, a beautiful triple-layered paper with a colour center. For producing a mild and dramatic effect, choose a matt card stock. And for a shiny and sleek look, go for the glossy paper.

You can choose a European standard business card of 85 mm x 55 mm to promote your business. The product or service image can be posted on the card and the card will be remembered by the recipient very easily.  Rembember to avoid using borders by extending all images and backgrounds to the edge of the card.

There are service providers who will deliver best quality visiting cards as per your needs. After comparing the product with two or more service providers, you will settle for the best visiting card.


Business cards are vital for the promotion of your business. You can expand your client base very easily by using the most appropriate cards as per the nature of your business.