Some circumstances may even require that you move to London for a promotion or other business reasons. So, how do you get your belongings, car, and family to London as easily as possible?

When you are moving to London, the first thing you need to do is make sure you find a place to live. It is hard to make a move of this caliber without finding the right London living accommodations.

Once you know where you are moving to and when you need to move in by, you need to get the help of a professional international moving company. This link will take you to A1 Auto Transport’s site. The company handles all the moving arrangements and makes sure that you have all your information for crossing into a new country.

Luckily, someone moving from the United States to London only needs their passport and a Visa. There are a few types of work Visas that may fit, depending on your work situation.

Skilled Worker Visa

Using a skilled work Visa might be suitable if:

·         You are going to work in a skilled job in London

·         A role in your employer’s London branch

·         Religious community job

·         Sportsperson or coach

Temporary Worker Visa

Temporary worker Visas might be in order if you will be working for a short time:

·         In sports

·         As a volunteer

·         Arts or entertainment

·         Charity

·         Work experience roles

·         Religious organization

High-Value Worker Visa

This Visa may be what you need if you are:

·         An investor

·         Graduate entrepreneur

·         Entrepreneur

·         A leader in arts or sciences

Once you have your Visa paperwork in order and your belongings are scheduled to clear customs, they will be delivered to your new flat in London. The next task is figuring out how your vehicle will get there. can take care of those accommodations for you as well.

Your professional moving company can also move your car to London at the same time they move your household belongings. You only have to make sure all your ownership documents are in order, and the moving professionals take care of the rest.

Your car will be delivered to you along with your household belongings. Everything will be delivered safely and with minimal stress. The last thing you want in a new locale and a job is stress.

So, when you find yourself needing to relocate for work in London, make sure you choose a company you can trust. Read the reviews for the company and do your own research into their background. Reputable international movers will have the proof you need to ensure they can transport your belongings without damage or loss.

Use transport services who have insurance and offer you the additional insurance options for a move like this. There are many miles and an ocean between you and your new destination. Nobody can predict what will happen in the waters. Being covered completely for your belongings and your vehicle gives you the peace of mind you need to begin your new life adventure.