The new bidding system has seen winners secure flights such as London-Mallorca return for £2.80 or even two flights to Rome for only 93 pence!

It may sound too good to be true, but rest assured it’s all for real. Get Away Anywhere is able to make such offers by charging a small fee of 50 cents for each bid. 

David & Priscille, the founders of, and passionate travellers themselves, say they wanted to make travel accessible to anyone. 

The website has sold more than 10 flights to date which have been mainly concentrated on destinations within Europe. As the website gains popularity, the team will be offering flights to international destinations all around the world.

The flights are from London and are all with premium-quality airlines such as British Airways. Travellers can pick their dates or even gift their flight to a loved one if they want to. Flexibility seems to be the name of the game. “We want our users to get the best customer experience possible” says co-founderand CEO, David Eaton, “we are not a bureaucratic organisation, we are humans who listen and who want to accommodate our customers in the best way possible.”

How does it work?

The website is free to join and users receive five free bidding credits upon joining. Users will need bidding credits in their account in order to place a bid. Once they have used their five free bids, additional bidding credits can be purchased via Paypal. Each time a user bids, one credit is deducted from their account and the price goes up by 1 pence. If a bid is placed in the final 10 seconds of the auction, the countdown will be reset to 10 seconds allowing participants to make a final bid.The highest bidder at the end wins, but it doesn’t stop there. Users are able to purchase the flight outright for its full value less any money they spent on bidding credits on that auction. This is only available to the first 20 users of each auction who decide to take it up.

Visit to get bidding!