Jobs in New Zealand – Human Resources

We spoke to Naomi McRae, 29, a Human resources generalist from Auckland, New Zealand

How long were you in London and why did you leave?

I spent three and a half years in London and 18 months in Edinburgh – five years in the UK in total.

What is your job back in New Zealand?

I’m a human resources adviser at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Did your overseas experience help you find a job?

Absolutely. I worked in investment banking HR at Morgan Stanley and
this experience was invaluable in helping me secure a permanent role on
my return to New Zealand.

What do you miss about life in London?

The pubs! The easy access to travel and popping over to Europe on
the weekends, London in the summertime, the great transport system and
all of the fantastic work colleagues and friends I met while living in
the UK.