About 95% of the wines on offer are those imported from small international producers who sell that wine exclusively to Humble Grape. Ask the staff and they’ll tell you stories of how many of these producers make about 2000 bottles of that wine a year, and how they’re brewed from small batches in home gardens. In terms of food, they offer tapas-style nibbles but plan on expanding to sit-down meals in the future. As such, the layout is much less like a restaurant with simple and sparse furniture made from materials like wine bottles, racks, and corks. Décor is understated and simple, replying on good wine and good company to create its relaxed atmosphere. Wines available at the bar are also available to take away from their cellar. 

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur and love to discuss palates and bouquets, the staff will happily and knowledgeably delve into wherever your interests lie. However, if you’re someone who wants to enjoy great wine but can’t tell a quâtremonte grape from a çebilliot, or don’t know enough about wines to realise those were made up words, then this is definitely the bar to visit. You’re there to enjoy, not to be educated.

Filling a real niche market in London for people that enjoy wine but aren’t overly wanky about it, this is a bar that simply serves genuinely tasty wines at reasonable prices, and in a city where competition is high, Humble Grape not only holds its own, but makes wine culture accessible to everyone.