British stars Ellie Simmonds, Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah. Tom Dailey, Sir Chris Hoy Hannah Cockcroft were among 800 athletes showing off their medals and waving from floats travelling through London today.

The city cheered and waved Union Jacks for the last time in the carnival-like atmosphere.

Athletes such as Chris Hoy explained that the crowds have made London 2012 amazing:  “This isn’t really for us this is for them because they’ve made the Games.

“They’ve made the atmosphere, they’ve supported the athletes, not just in the venues, but through the streets, and the pubs, the public venues, it’s been incredible.

Ennis agreed, “We’ve had so much support through the past few weeks, every session was filled with cheering British fans, so now to come out and see another huge crowd and thank everyone is going to be really special for all of us.”

The athletes, which were on the roofs of 21 open top floats, divided by their disciplines, and the event included more than 90 per cent of Britain’s medal winners.

Simmonds was wearing a total of four medals around her neck: “It’s amazing, the support they’ve given us,” she commented about the crowds.”

“I’m blown away by the support, it’s amazing,” said four time medal winner Ben Ainslie.

Lee Pearson, the Paralympic dressage medalist said: “What an amazing Paralympic Games, amazing.

“I am so proud of the British public to come out and watch Paralympic sport and embrace it and get educated about it.
“It’s an honour to be an athlete in these Games, it really has been.”

BBC News quoted Lord Coe: “I’ve never doubted it because the people that have helped us do this have been proud and passionate and it doesn’t matter where they live, whether it’s in northern Scotland or Cornwall, people have got this.
“I don’t think we’re ever going to see sport in this country in the same way again.”