I’m A Celebrity star Stacey Solomon took part in the show’s most expensive ever stunt when she recreated the final scene from The Italian Job on a bus that falls into a quarry.

In the latest Bushtucker Trial, Solomon had to collect 10 stars hidden around the vehicle while negotiating surprises such as fish guts and spiders.

Before the trial, Solomon was told that the bus could topple over with her on board, to which she quipped: “With my weight, it will.”

When Stacey realised that the bus was about to tip over the edge and fall into the quarry, leaving her suspended in a harness, she muttered words of encouragement to herself to stay calm.

The next I’m A Celebrity episode will also feature an ever-fussing Gillian McKeith bitching about Shaun Ryder‘s cigarette habit, as she asks Nigel Havers: “Is this a smoking area? You’re allowed to smoke here?”

To which Havers replied: “The whole camp is a smoking area. He smokes anywhere.”

McKeith then turns her attention to the skimpy shorts worn by Playboy model Kayla Collins, saying sarcastically: “I don’t think those shorts are short enough actually. She should roll them up further.”

Fight! Fight!

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