In what can only be described as nuclear shit-stirring, the North Korean regime released a statement saying:
“We do not wish harm on foreigners in South Korea should there be a war,” 

No further details were given, however, and there are reportedly no signs of a military buildup near the border dividing the Korean peninsula, located less than 40 miles from the South Korean capital, Seoul, reports The Guardian.

Analysts noted that Pyongyang had issued similar threats in the past, adding that this latest warning is designed to elicit aid and political concessions from Seoul and Washington.

However, since the North threatened to launch a nuclear attack on the US, it does seem to have made good on its threat to withdraw its workers from the Kaesong industrial complex, as none arrived for work at the border location today. 

And the world  continues to wait to see if North Korea will in face start a nuclear war, or it’s all been just bluster. 

image via Getty