Such incidences are symptomatic of what the People’s Daily is labelling “the low-key extravagence” that is hurting new Chinese president Xi Jinping’s vows to stamp down on corruption within the governing communist party.

The People’s Daily has accused some officials of filling up mineral water bottles with expensive western alcohol, hiding expensive cigarettes in the packaging of cheap, Chinese brands and holding lavish parties in countryside saunas.

Xi swept to the presidency claiming that corruption within the upper echelons of the party could eventually destroy communism, with the common people outraged at the stories of decadence and depravity.

Indeed public anger seems to have peaked in recent months, with well over 50 per cent of Chinese citing official graft as a “serious problem”.

The public outcry hasn’t stopped the officials indulgence, only forced them to cover it up say the People’s Daily.

It’s the same old story: on the farm all the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

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