Amid fine Georgian buildings, Jagger and Bowie’s favourite haunts and the sly pickpockets of the St Giles rookery, teams of friends and strangers must collaborate to uncover the drama and fascinating past of this ever-intriguing corner of the capital. 

Ever found answers at the bottom of a glass in Holborn? Seen a ghost on the corner of Denmark Street? Adventurous Londoners should forget all they know about walking tours, and put their detective skills to the test as they criss-cross the ancient streets in search of answers.

Courtesy of live-action experience maestros Secret Studio, a seasoned West End cast wil bring fully interactive characters – both real and fictional – vividly to life (or death) from the well-thumbed pages of Dickens, to forgotten figures in old vintage photos.

Players form groups of 10 and the puzzle-based adventure Game will take around 90 minutes to complete. The Game will run for five weeks from November 9 to December 11. Monday to Friday only. Tickets are £12 per person. To book, visit