Can you reveal any hidden gems?

Everyone heads to Swakopmund to indulge in all the adventure sports and a spot of sea air, but to get away from the crowds head to Walvis Bay.

It is only a short drive south of Swakopmund, and offers really similar experiences, with the same amazing backdrop of desert, only you’ll have it to yourself.

If there is a group of people, it doesn’t cost that much to charter a boat and head into the Atlantic for a mini-cruise.

Where do you go to get away from it all?

The amazing thing about this country is how varied it is – wherever you go feels completely different from where you have come from.

My favourite area is right in the north, where the Caprivi Strip juts into Botswana, and borders Angola and Zambia.

Here, it is humid, tropical and green, and is such a contrast to everywhere else.
Do you have any tips for driving in Namibia?

Avoid driving at night if at all possible. Even though there are a couple of good tarmac roads in Namibia, most places are only accessible by dirt roads, which can be really unpredictable and tricky to drive on.

The problem with night driving is that the chances of hitting a wandering animal are increased, and that drink driving is common.

Also, if you’re heading far from towns, make sure you travel with a spare canister of petrol. And lastly, carry plenty of cash, as many petrol stations won’t accept cards.

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