The insider’s guide

New Zealand-based hip-hop artist Savage grew up in Uafato, Samoa. Despite his success in Oz and the US, he returns home to visit and perform as often as he can.

Where do you go to party?

Raggamuffin Teuila Festival ( It’s on every year and is very important for Samoan people – we have amazing music here, it’s just that the world hasn’t heard it yet.

Polynesians are very tied to their music. The world has seen that we love our sports, but they haven’t yet seen our Lil’ Waynes and our Drakes.

It’s good to be back home, especially on such  a beautiful island.

What makes Samoa stand out from other countries?

The people here are very friendly, polite and traditional, so when it comes to a feast you have to be prepared to eat as much as you can – it’s just the Samoan way.

At the end of the day I always promote Samoa – I always tell people to tick it off their list. You don’t know beauty until you’ve seen Samoa, so that’s why I love coming back here.

What are Samoa’s best-kept secrets?

Samoa is a beautiful island – rich in so many things. Where I’m from, Uafato [on Upolo], there are beach fales so you can experience what it’s like to live in an environment with a view of a beautiful coral reef.

Samoa has beautiful waterfalls – a great example is a place like Sliding Rocks, you won’t get that anywhere else in the world. [It’s possible to just sit at the top of the waterfall and slide all the way down].

I’ve never heard of sliding rocks anywhere but Samoa. I grew up swimming there every weekend with my family.

Sliding Rocks Waterfall (Papase’ea) is a 15-minute drive from Apia. Open Monday-Saturday 8am-5.30pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. Adult entrance fee £1.35.