What advice do you give to travellers going to Iceland?

Do not expect the weather of Bahamas, nor the politeness of the British. However, do expect to see spectacular nature all around the country and to meet some sarcastic, patriotic and nice people.

What’s your favourite place in Iceland?

My favorite place outside of Reykjavík is Ásbyrgi, which is in the north of Iceland and is full of history about the pagans, which I find very interesting. There you can camp and take small hikes around the area.

Is there a national food or drink people should try?

No one can leave Iceland without trying Hákarl, a rotten shark meat, which leaves you with a taste of Iceland history for days. Brennivín, or “wine that burns” is the perfect schnapps to wash it down with.

Where’s good for an adventure?

River rafting is one of the most adventurous things to do in Iceland, and if you’re up for a challenge and some fun, I recommend going to the raft base, Hafgrímsstaðir for the “Beast of the East”, a river in Northern Iceland where you get the dose of adrenaline you need and a day you won’t forget. If you enjoy hiking, try the Laugavegur highland trek, which is an extreme and amazing route, located up in the highlands.

Where’s best to party in Reykjavik?

All of spots are located in the centre, on the main street, Laugavegur. Good places to dance are B5 and Austur. For a bar atmosphere, try the 11bar, Danske kro, Næsti bar or Kaffibarinn. Fridays and Saturdays are party days and bars are open until 5am.


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