Strangely, there’s enough of a demand worldwide to hold such an event. And surprisingly, it’s the highly regarded Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis holding the event. They’re calling it a ‘social experiment’, to see if cat lovers who often scour the internet for funny feline videos will do so in public.

“It is a cultural phenomenon that raises some interesting questions,” said Katie Hill, from the Walker Art Centre. “I’m not a behavioural psychologist, I’m not a sociologist. I just think they’re funny and cute, and I think a lot of other people do too.”

The organisers expected a few hundred entries, but have already received a mammoth 10,000 submissions for the event.

The best entries will be played to the public on a big outside screen, in a 60 minute montage of felines action. Expect the star cats to be falling over, making strange faces and switching on lights.

The public can get involved too by watching the videos online and casting a vote for the best moggie and best in show award.