International comedy sensation Pam Ann will be speeding into London for a run in the West End with her most explosive show yet – the all-new Fly. She’ll be at the Leicester Square Theatre from March 26 – April 26, and you can book your tickets here.

This hostess with the most-est strips bare everything ridiculous about air travel and the culture surrounding it. No news story is safe from this comedian. Of course, the show will feature special appearances from her global alliance. But it’s not for the easily offended and definitely not suitable for children.

But is Pam looking forward to her trip? Is she ready for London – and is London ready for her?

So, Pam – you’re jetting into the UK in mid-March – will you be flying in economy, or have you managed to wangle you way up to first?

What do you mean, ‘wangle’? Fuck off! I only turn left!

Old habits must die hard – when you’re flying as a passenger, can you resist helping the cabin crew out?

I am always in the galley, scouting for some gossip.

If you don’t mind us asking, are you a member of the Mile-High club?

I founded it in 1975 with Bob Marley – no woman no cry, as they say.

What advice would you give to people who are a bit scared of flying?

Oh, just shut up and get on with it.

Londoners are known for their directness and dirty sense of humour – do you think that you’ll fit in?

I lived in London for ten years and my mum’s British, so I guess so.

You’re in town for just over a month – what will you get up to when you’re not performing?

I’ll probably just be sleeping and drinking.

Finally, you’ve rubbed shoulders with  loads of A-list celebs – who was your favourite, and why?

Elton, because he throws damn good parties…

Pam Ann performs Fly at Leicester Square Theatre from March 26 – April 26. To buy tickets, click here.