Apple’s second generation iPad is currently in production and features a front-facing camera, according to online reports.

According to unnamed sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal the company’s newest tablet will be “thinner and lighter than the first model.”

If the sources proves genuine, the iPad 2 will also feature a front-facing camera for video conferencing, more memory, “and a more powerful graphics processor.”

It is still unclear whether other improvements pleaded for by consumers, like a bigger speaker and a USB port, will be part of the upgrade.

It is also not known whether the iPad 2 will have a high definition retina display which could help Apple fend off fierce competition from Android-based competition.

Instead, the Ipad3 is expected to be the company’s first tablet capable of 2048 x 1536 resolution.

However, a release date for the iPad 2 is creating plenty of seculaiton on the web.

It is thought Apple chief Steve jobs’ medical leave of absence may delay the ditribution.

Unlike his first medical leave in January 2009 – when he said he’d return by the end of June 2009 – Jobs hasn’t provided a return date this time.