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IT gurus are in big demand in[Australia]. Recruitment expert AMANDA HECTOR reveals how you can get into IT.

What’s the IT sector like at the moment?

The IT sector is hot right now. Over the last 12 months the requests for IT staff have jumped dramatically and in most areas good candidates are scarce.

What advice do you have for travellers who[want a job] in the IT sector?

Look at websites that have a great variety of differing roles. Look for the agencies that have the most roles in the area and contact them directly. Make sure that you have an up-to-date[resumé] and start applying online.

What do you primarily look for in a candidate?

One difficulty that we have with people travelling is that they are not here and available to start right away with our clients. If you are overseas or interstate, make sure that you specify where you have a visa and when you will be arriving in town. Those candidates that have specific skill sets that are in high demand will have little difficulty securing a role. If you are flexible about what you want to do then it makes it easier to find you something. A good attitude goes a long way!

What qualifications are needed?

With IT being so diverse there are so many qualifications that can be attained. Typically qualifications are desired, but not mandatory, as our clients would rather see practical experience on a resumé rather than theoretical knowledge.

Of course if you have both you will be in front of most of your competitors.

What are the rates of pay and what are the variables?

Rates of pay will vary from $25 per hour for helpdesk consultants through to $100 per hour for project managers. The Australian rate of pay in IT is comparable to overseas rates, although our tax rates can be higher.

Do you offer any training?

If you were to secure a permanent position then most clients will provide training, both formal and informal. They usually have a budget set aside to train their staff. Contractors on the other hand are expected to be experts in their field and are expected to train themselves.

What sorts of positions do you recruit for?

If it is anything to do with IT, we recruit for it. Anything from helpdesk to CIO and everything in-between.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

There are sponsorship opportunities available with some clients. Davidson Global is responsible for helping people from other countries find work and relocate to[Australia].

What are the benefits of getting some Oz work experience?

Many of the companies that are Australian-based are recognised globally as leaders in their field. You will be working with some of the brightest and the best when you are developing your skills. You can do all of this and enjoy the great lifestyle benefits that Australia can offer you. Get those skills and get that tan!

Amanda Hector is a recruitment consultant at[Davidson Global].

Giles Wakefield

27, UK

What job did you have at home?
I was a product support consultant for a software company in London.
What do you do now?
I’m an IT consultant working with the same piece of software in Woolloomooloo.
Do you have any funny stories to tell us about your job?
Once I had to go in a man cage on the end of the jib of a tower crane, 60 metres above the ground and I was spun around over the city. Also, seeing cans of super strength beer in the bins on a construction site at 9am – hopefully not from the
crane drivers.
The bad points of your job?
Going to some far-flung places that feel like the end of the Earth.
Where have you travelled so far?
I’ve been to Canada, the USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, NZ and now Australia.
Where are you planning to travel next?
I want to see the coast of Western Australia, the Pacific Islands, back to New Zealand, Japan and Costa Rica.[Search live jobs now]